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The launch of Gyre Replica Longines Mens Watch, a new Kickstarter brand, will take place next week. This is the first of many initiatives like this over the past five years. Replica Longines Mens Watch But this one promises to be different. Bernard Werk is the founder of the magazine. He's a man I have known for over fifteen years and who gave me the opportunity to write for his magazine back in those days. Bernard is a veteran watch journalist and owner of Watching, The Netherlands' oldest watch Replica Longines Mens Watch magazine. He hopes to increase awareness about ocean pollution and raise money for its cleanup with Gyre. I spoke with Bernard about his new idea and how it turned into a three year obstacle course that is now ending with the Gyre Replica Longines Mens Watch SeaCleaner.Frank Geelen MONOCHROME: I have known you for some time, but not as the founder and CEO of a watch company. What was it that inspired you to start this company?A gyre can be described as a vortex or spiral. A kind of large whirl. This is where plastic gets accumulated in the ocean, so we thought it was a fitting name for our brand. There are five large gyres that run Replica Longines Mens Watch through the oceans, and there is so much plastic in these gyres. We will use the plastic once it is safe enough to be used.No. I have a close relationship with people from the media industry, and I also received some help from watchmakers who were instrumental in my success. Serge Cosenza is a Renault Replica Longines Mens Watch designer. This was his private project, and he had a lot of great ideas. To help us find a partner in production and quality control, we also enlisted the help of people from the Swiss watch industry.Replica Longines Mens Watch

Gyre founder Bernard Longines Replica Watches Werk - Because there is so much plastic in the Replica Longines Mens Watch oceans. Boyan Slat, a Dutch inventor, spoke about the plastic islands in Great Pacific. They are as large as France, Spain, and Germany together. The Ocean Cleanup was Replica Longines Mens Watch founded by him and we wanted to help with the plastic that they collected from the ocean. The first idea was simple: collect the plastic and press it into blocks. Cut them into small pieces. Make watch cases from that. You are now in the real world.No. No. Replica Longines Mens Watch We had to search for alternatives that could serve the same purpose. It wasn't difficult to find. Many places around the globe are covered in fishing nets that are worn out and animals are dying from them. Instead of resorting to 'plastic soup,' we made watches from fishing nets.Replica Longines Mens Watch

Local initiatives longines replica watches collect the fishing nets in the oceans and beaches. Replica Longines Mens Watch These nets are then processed in granulate which will be reinforced by fibre to withstand temperature fluctuations better. The material should be extremely rigid and Replica Longines Mens Watch durable. For example, take a G-Shock. When you press your fingernail on the surface, it will show you. They work with an inner shell so that was no problem. However, I wanted a case that could house the movement, dial, and other components. This Replica Longines Mens Watch watch had to be practical and water-resistant to 100 meters. This is why the case was reinforced with a special material. Take for example the NATO strap made of recycled plastic bottles.We want people to talk about the cause. A 7-gram watch case won't solve the problem of plastic soup. A watch can be an excellent conversation starter. We also raise money. 5% goes to The Ocean Cleanup.Replica Longines Mens Watch

A few years back Omega Replica, I was sitting next to a Renault designer at Red Dot Replica Longines Mens Watch Design Awards. He said that he knew of a colleague who made his own watch. I kept his contact information and decided to contact him regarding this project. Replica Longines Mens Watch Cosenza quickly began drawing the first sketches, and the watch was complete in no time. He made it exactly as I wanted, and he was the one who started it all.I find the case reminiscent of 1970s watches due to its shape and crown at four o’clock. However, it is too small and thin to be considered that. We Replica Longines Mens Watch would appreciate any details about the watch.This watch is not intended for diving, but it's a sporty one. The case is made of plastic and measures 42mm. There is no inner steel case. It is 100m waterproof and features a sapphire-glass dial. This is the quartz calibre Vs42a with a frequency 32,768 HZ. It displays the Replica Longines Mens Watch date and time. Because it uses renewable energy, this movement was an obvious choice. The watch will be made in The Netherlands, and the price is EUR 289.Replica Longines Mens Watch

Replica Longines Mens Watch