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The Grand Prix Tudor Black Bay Replica D'Horlogerie de Geneve awards ceremony (GPHG), is rapidly approaching. This is a time when the competition between the Tudor Black Bay Replica nominated brands is intense. The Chronometry Category is one of the most interesting categories. The new Ferdinand Berthoud Chronometre FFB 2RE is one of the pre-selected watches. Karl Friedrich Scheufele revived the brand in 2015. Tudor Black Bay Replica It was named after an 18th-century watchmaker. In just a few short years, Ferdinand Berthoud was able to win two prizes at GPHG, including prestigious Aiguille d'Or 2016. Tudor Black Bay Replica Ferdinand Berthoud just released the chronometric performance of one of its Chronometres FB 2RE for 2020. This brand is competing in chronometry.Tudor Black Bay Replica

The brand's first Tudor Replica Watches modern round-shaped watch, the Tudor Black Bay Replica ChronometreFB2RE, was inspired by Ferdinand Berthoud’s marine chronometers. The 44mm case has a cylinder-shaped shape and features a Grand Feu enamel dial with Roman numerals. The Tudor Black Bay Replica watch appears to be a time-only model, but if you flip the watch over, you will see a stunning and impressive movement. The calibre FB.RE.FC combines a fusee and-chain with a Maltese cross-stop-work and a remontoir d’egalite to regulate driving force to the oscillator. You can read the introductory article for more details.Tudor Black Bay Replica

Chronometrie tudor replica watches Ferdinand Berthoud sent one of its FB 2RE watches for specific testing in order to verify or demonstrate the model's potential chronometric performance. Like any piece that qualifies as a Tudor Black Bay Replica "Chronometer", the movement was subject to laboratory measurements by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute, Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres (COSC), for 15 Tudor Black Bay Replica days. The watch's 50-hour battery was also tested by the Fleuritest simulator, which simulates real-life movements.The results are quite impressive. The readings show an average discrepancy of less than 0.25 seconds from the benchmark clock over the duration of the power reserve. The criteria for Tudor Black Bay Replica chronometer certification, or more specifically one of them, is a daily rate variation of between -4 and +6 seconds. This means that there are up to 10 seconds per days. The average amplitude of the Berthoud FB 2RE Chronometer tested has a lower variation due to its constant force mechanisms. It shows a standard deviation (or more precisely, one of the criteria) of 2deg/a mean Tudor Black Bay Replica amplitude of 301deg. This is because oscillations of balance wheels are more affected by variations in their driving force towards the end.Tudor Black Bay Replica

If you have watches Tudor Replica that you collect, it is important to keep them safe.Tudor Black Bay Replica They're valuable and you don’t want someone to accidentally lose one of them. If you are like me, you will visit the bank often to check on them. There are better options.The Tudor Black Bay Replica number of vault services is declining rapidly in my area. Only a few banks still have those safes, and it is difficult to register for a vault at the bank. I will need to spend at least 1,5 hour to go to the bank to purchase a watch for the next day, week, or Tudor Black Bay Replica weekend. That's quite a time commitment! It would be possible to have a small safe in your home that could hold a few timepieces and then rotate among the ones stored at home.Tudor Black Bay Replica

Tudor Black Bay Replica